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About the Film

Hailing Cesar is a film about my journey to understand the legacy and struggle of my grandfather, the civil rights activist Cesar Chavez.


I was only three years old when Cesar passed away. Growing up comfortably in the Bay Area, where my father Fernando was a lawyer, I had difficulty connecting with my grandfather’s life.

After a turning point in my life, I began to explore the places, learn about the people, and carry out the activities that were so important to Cesar. My journey included working in the fields, picking grapes, as both my grandfather and father once did.

My goal is to share Cesar's message with a new generation. This film is my first step in honoring his legacy.

- Eduardo Chavez

In January 2020, we signed a distribution agreement for Hailing Cesar with Global Genesis Group.

They are searching for the perfect home for the film.

Unfortunately this means the film is not available for public viewing at this time.

If you would like to screen the film for your organization, please contact us.



Hailing Cesar has been shared with over 5,000 students at more than 50 colleges and high schools across the United States.


The film has universal themes to which audiences of all backgrounds and ages can relate.

We would love to share the film with you!

Contact us about hosting a screening followed by a Q&A and discussion with Eduardo.



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