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About the Film

Hailing Cesar is a film about my journey to understand the legacy and struggle of my grandfather, the civil rights activist Cesar Chavez.


I was only three years old when Cesar passed away. Growing up comfortably in the Bay Area, where my father Fernando was a lawyer, I had difficulty connecting with my grandfather’s life.

After a turning point in my life, I began to explore the places, learn about the people, and carry out the activities that were so important to Cesar. My journey included working in the fields, picking grapes, as both my grandfather and father once did.

My goal is to share Cesar's message with a new generation. This film is my first step in honoring his legacy.

- Eduardo Chavez


The Storytellers

Director:  Eduardo Chavez.  Born in 1991, Eduardo is the scion of two revolutionary families. He is the grandson of both the legendary civil rights activist Cesar Chavez (on his father’s side) and the Cuban revolutionary Max Lesnik (on his mother’s side).  Eduardo attended Loyola Marymount University on a golf scholarship and played professional golf following college. He is currently a working actor in Los Angeles.  His goal is to bring depth to the portrayal of Latino characters in film, television and other media.  He is the co-founder of Latindia Studios.




Producer:  Sirous Thampi.  Sirous is of Indian descent and grew up in Thailand where he attended international schools. He works as a consultant.  From 2015 to 2016, he trained in acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, where he met fellow student Eduardo Chavez. He has a burning desire to tells stories about cross-cultural exchanges and the developing world. He is the co-founder of Latindia Studios





Editor: Corinne Marquardt. Corinne was born in 1991 and raised in the Netherlands as an American expat. She has since lived in a number of different cities around the world. She studied Documentary Film at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, and more recently received an MFA in Narrative Filmmaking at Columbia College in Chicago. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has primarily worked as an Editor. She is also a fiction writer and a member of the “Writing Workshops of Los Angeles”.

Cinematographer: Daniel Castillo.  Daniel was born in East LA in 1989.  As a young man he discovered a passion for writing and film which led him to complete a BA in Film Production at Cal State Fullerton in 2015. Since then he has worked at a camera store and produced film projects for fellow students.  He currently teaches classes in camera operation at the New York Film Academy in Burbank.  A talented writer as well, he wants to “tell stories, my stories, the people’s stories.”

Archival Consultant: Jennifer Petrucelli.  Jennifer has worked as a producer in film and television for nearly 20 years. She wrote, produced and conducted extensive archival research on a series of historical documentaries for Lucasfilm which appeared on the History Channel in 2008.  She also wrote and produced the Lucasfilm feature documentary Double Victory about the Tuskegee Airmen, and served as co-producer on Manifest Destiny, a three-part series on U.S. foreign policy.  In 2014, Jennifer co-founded Sub-Basement Archival. Jennifer earned a Masters degree in Documentary Film from Stanford University and a BA in History from Cornell University.

Composer: Terry Mann. Terry has been addicted to writing and producing music since he first picked up a guitar at 13. After playing in rock bands with friends for years, he then moved into the world of self-produced home studio projects, including bubblegum electropop as Coach Bombay, folk/soul/jazz as Just Desserts, and minimalist electronica as Orlean. In recent years, Terry has also written music for television, kids albums, advertising and brand jingles.

Intern: Edward C. Rho. Born in South Korea and then growing up in California for the majority of his life, Edward strives to tell stories of the lives of people from different cultures. He is currently an undergraduate freshman studying filmmaking at Cal State Long Beach and is working as a video producer at ASI Communications.

Speaking Tour




We want to bring Hailing Cesar directly to you!

Contact us about hosting a screening followed by a Q&A and discussion with the filmmakers.

“Palm Springs Unified School District proudly hosted this significant film in all of its high school sites.  Not only was the filmmaker and star of the film, Eduardo Chavez, relatable to young audiences, he also brings his family’s legacy of human rights forward into the present day.  I highly recommend it to other school districts as an impactful use of integrated arts, and film as text.”

- Louisa Castrodale, Arts Coordinator, Palm Springs Unified School Districts




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